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0.1 Release Notes

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0.1 Release Notes Empty 0.1 Release Notes

Post by Touchthis Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:05 pm

Map Changes:
Pillars have now been decreased in Size
Pillars have now been moved closer to the center of the arena.
There are now 3 different arenas instead of just 1.
Workstation "Builds" have now been implemented
Workstation "Help" have now been implemented

How to use chat commands can be found here.
How to interact with different workstations can be found here.

You can save up to 10 builds here.
Recommended builds can be found here.

Bug fixes:
Overtime heal now have a cost
You can no longer join an empty arena
Combine spells Workstation are now able to handle infinitly of effects.
Arena Master will now always let players enter the arena.
Players can no longer attack a player who recently joined the server.
Firetrails/frosttrails will no longer cause any lag.
Abilities will no longer be invisible.
Players will no longer be able to join the arena twice.
The camera will no longer Zoom in.
Gravity Pull will no longer make players stuck in the arena.
Groundheal will no longer heal enemy players.
Groundheal will now only heal once per tick.
There will no longer pop up 2 scoreboards.
Players can no longer have the same name.
A memory leak have been found and fixed in the ArenaHandler.
Random Victory pop ups will no longer accure.
Using just 1 effect will now be shown right in the tooltip
Leaving a ranked team fight will now instantly decrease your rating.
Cleanse will now instantly remove slow and freeze effects

Nerfs && buffs:
Cost of instant heal have now been changed to 20% up from and heals 15% down from 20%
Stun effects duration have now been decreased to 1.3 seconds from 2 seconds
Freeze duration have now been decreased to 3 seconds from 5 seconds
Sprint duration have now been decreased to 6 seconds down from 10 seconds
Gather damage range have now been increased.
The cost of charge have now been decreased to 15% from 30%
The damage of slash have now been decreased to 7% from 10%.
Reduce healing have now been increased to 65% from 45%
Players now have to be at 30% hp instead of 40% for execute to deal extra damage
Slow will now decrease movement by 50% down from 70%
Freeze now have a different particle effect.
Cleanse now give a 1 second immunity to freeze and slow effects
Frosttrails now slow 50% down from 70%.
Firetrails now deal 7% damage down from 10%.
Poison now deals 8% damage down from 10%.

Other Updates:
HP/Mana on other players have now been implemented
Movement of the character is now slower, but faster to accelerate and turn.
There is now a new Mouse courser instead of Windows default courser.
The overall size of the GUI have now been decreased
Tooltips of the Effects and combinded abilities have now been implemented.
The player is now able to hold the mouse button to move.
There is now a countdown timer before Arena battle starts
The camera have now been changed so it follows the player character.
The cost of the abilities will now be shown on the combinded ability.
Health and energy will now show be percentage.
The duration of Effects on the players will now be shown.
You can now chose where to bind your abilities, either QWER or 1234
You are now able to chose which mouse button to use to move.
You can now chose which mouse button should interact with workstations.
You can now use "ESC" to close workstations and open menu.
Players are now able to Invite each other to team up for matches.
2v2,3v3 have now been implemented.
A scoreboard have now been implemented.
Players can now chat with everyone on the server and to their teammates.
Rating for 1v1,2v2,3v3 have now been implemented.
Rating is now permament.
Skirmish and ranked are now seperated.
There will now be floating texts over each Workstation.
Players may now spectate a match untill its over (only works in 2v2 and 3v3) x)
There is now a compass that points to where your teammates are.
Players are now able to save their character to the server with an authentication.
Players can now change password for their character.
Players are now able to change graphic settings.
Players are now able to change the volume.
Ambient Sound have been implemented.
Attack animations have now been implemented
Matchmaking have now been implemented


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